Book for Valentine's Day, here at Ve Raj.

An exciting night of fresh and modern food awaits for our lovely diners. New exciting menu available!

What are your plans for 2018? Keep up to date with our new offers!

All our dishes are carefully chosen to offer only the finest exclusive dishes with superior quality herbs and spices, coupled with fast, efficient service.

Veraj has the contemporary philosophy of Indian restaurant in the heart of Ravenshead. We bring unparalleled fusion of flavours, textures and aromas unique to customers. We pride ourselves for excellence for the food we serve to our dinners. Whether you are looking for authentic taste or you are searching for something unique, Veraj always has something special to offer.

The promise of elegant, exciting and innovative dinning experience waits, in a beautiful and pleasant village of Ravenshead. We have delicious sample of seafood from Scallops and King prawns to the Lobsters rarely seen in others restaurants in the region.

The Sherwood Ranger Pub gives you an ideal place to sit and drink whiles you wait for a table. The Ranges pub has recently been newly renovated and staff's will be happy to accommodate our guest.

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